December 4, 2019

76. Willpower is Not Enough

John talks about a letter to the editor and a Hidden Brain podcast episode about "hot states".

John explains why this episode was posted a day late, and it's not because of Thanksgiving. Oh, uh, Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.

November 20, 2019

74. Sobriety. I’m On It.

John talks about a Friendsgiving gathering, the South Dakota meth campaign, and old thinking about weed.

John discusses the music at work for possibly too long but then talks about the book "Fentanyl, Inc", so the whole episode is not a wash.

John is relaxed way more than usual this week and discusses breaks from social media and FOMO vs JOMO.

John discusses being sober on Halloween, life changes, death and

John discusses his birthday, promotes a show he's doing (for once), and talks about why he likes doing the podcast.

October 16, 2019

69. You’re an Adult, Man!

John discusses Gary Gulman's new special and an incident that happened at work.

John discusses: What men mean when they say they're "scared" in a relationship; a loud-talking neighbor; connecting with someone you don't agree with.

Also, he wonders why the descriptions of these episodes are written about him in the third person.

John googled "Living Irritation Disorder", and it pulled up a bunch of pictures of women covering their ears. In this episode he discusses Alcohol Use Disorder vs Alcoholism...and other random tidbits.

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