September 16, 2020

116. Year 8

John talks about his recent sobriety date and about people who follow politics/news too closely. Also he tries a bit that gets interrupted by a sneezing pet.

September 9, 2020

115. Cap City Comedy Club

John discusses the closing of one of the best comedy clubs in the country.

John talks fantasy football, Vietnam War documentary, and scaling back on news consumption.

Look, John rambles about a few different things this episode, but the important thing is that he presents a list of speakers for his own convention way more interesting than the RNC and DNC, for way less money.

John discusses conspiracies, fake job offers, and weed.

John discusses his engagement that involved Michael Rapaport, hand sanitizer as a beverage, and reaction videos.

John discusses his engagement and how everyone is going through various stages of grief.

John discusses self improvement done for appearances. He talks about a new plan he has to reduce his phone screen time, and then he rants about Bulletproof Coffee.

July 22, 2020

108. A Roach of Optimism

John decides to use a drug metaphor on a sobriety podcast in an attempt to inspire and motivate.

John discusses why some country artists suck, then he introduces a segment called "John Answers the Media's Questions". He also complains about how we argue language instead of addressing issues.

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