September 18, 2019

65. Diet Mucus & CBD

John discusses his experience with CBD and his cat's health issues. These are not related.

September 11, 2019

64. Se7en

John discusses his sobriety anniversary and the question they ask in AA meetings, "How did you do it?"

September 4, 2019

63. I Almost Requiemed Myself

John discusses the return of football, enjoying his day job, and the troubles with his right arm.

August 28, 2019

62. Technical Difficulties

John had a hard time getting this episode done today, but he ended up discussing Popeye's, Missy Elliott, Duolingo, drug company lawsuits and his general state of mind. 

John discusses misters, vaping myths and stand-up comedy. He also mentions grunge (again).

John discusses the heat, suicide watch in jail, and unwanted advice/opinions.

John discusses the heat, an unfortunately timed YouTube ad and the anxiety and worry related to the process of finding a new roommate.

John discusses his week, becoming more of an adult, firefighters/Fight Club, and a method he uses to avoid unnecessary social media comments.

John talks about an addiction near-miss, a preliminary report on a drop in drug overdoses in 2018, and whether or not "I'm sorry" has any value.

John talks about an e-mail he received from a marketing group promoting a reformed drug addict. Turns out, after visiting this aspiring motivational speaker's website, he realizes this guy may not be fully on the level.

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