John discusses his week, becoming more of an adult, firefighters/Fight Club, and a method he uses to avoid unnecessary social media comments.

John talks about an addiction near-miss, a preliminary report on a drop in drug overdoses in 2018, and whether or not "I'm sorry" has any value.

John talks about an e-mail he received from a marketing group promoting a reformed drug addict. Turns out, after visiting this aspiring motivational speaker's website, he realizes this guy may not be fully on the level.

July 10, 2019

55. Breathe, Asshole

John discusses having a hard work week, control issue anxiety, and life coaches. Also, something about how plucking nose hairs is unhealthy? It's weird.

For Fourth of July, John has made this episode the length of time it takes for the charcoal in your grill to heat up and be ready. You're welcome.

Also, he talks about his girlfriend's surgery, getting advice from more than one source and a podcast episode about Naloxone.